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EGCIS’s A-level Tutoring

About A-level

The A-Level is an international university entrance qualification offered by Cambridge International, an educational institution run by the University of Cambridge. The minimum number of subjects required for university at A-Level is three, allowing students to choose the subjects that best suit them. The A-Level is recognized by many prestigious universities and is an international qualification, which is said to be advantageous not only for university entrance examinations but also for employment opportunities.

EGSIS A-level Course Key Points of Instruction

・Counseling on Subject Selection

One of the best features of the A-Level program is that the number of subjects is small, but the content is in depth. Our teachers provide counseling for students so that they can choose their A-Level subjects and fields of study. By making a solid subject selection, students can avoid future regrets and broaden their university entrance examinations.

・Cooperative Guidance with other Subjects

A-Levels with in-depth content are often linked to other subjects, not just one. Examples include maths/further maths and physics, maths and economics, biology and psychology. Depending on how you combine subjects, you can look at topics from a variety of disciplines and gain a more solid understanding of the subject you are studying. Students will receive in-depth instruction in their chosen field of study, as well as in other subjects, so that they can gain a deeper understanding of their chosen field.

・Thorough Preparation for the Examinations

As with other programs, the final exam is very important for A-Levels. EGIS provides many A-Level practice tests and past exam questions to help students prepare for the exam more closely resembling the actual test. The most important thing is to know the trends in phrasing, patterns, and the structure of the exam questions that need to be emphasized in past exams. We will do our best to help students to get high marks in the end.

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