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EGCIS’s AP Tutoring

About AP

AP (Advanced Placement) is a special course for high school students offered by the College Board in the United States. It is more challenging than regular high school courses and allows students to take rigorous courses at the collegiate level. AP courses are often mandatory for applying to universities in the United States, and as such are offered in many international schools in Japan. By taking more AP courses, students will have a wider range of options for colleges to which they can apply.

EGSIS AP Course Key Points of Instruction

・Thorough guidance on past problems and practice tests

AP scores, graded on a scale of 1-5 are determined by a single final exam. Since there is no midterm exam, it is important to prepare for the exam at an early stage. At EGCIS, we regularly conduct AP practice exams and mock exams, focusing on subjects in which students have difficulty. We cover a wide range of AP subjects in the sciences and humanities, so students can be assured that they will be well-prepared for the exam.

・Balancing Your AP Score and Class Grade

AP classes are a part of the high school curriculum and thus affect your GPA. For this reason, it is very important to maintain a high class grade along with your AP scores—a good score means nothing without a good class grade, and vice-versa. To ensure neither aspect is neglected, our expert tutors will support you in both daily assignments and planning for final exams.

・Instruction by teachers with the highest AP scores

At EGSIS, students are guided by expert tutors who have achieved high scores on the AP, and thus are able to directly ask them about AP-related study methods, test preparation, course registration counseling, and much more. In addition, by working together from the early stages to create a schedule and study plan that suits the student’s needs, students can learn more effectively. We also provide counseling on high school admission and transfer, as there are many high schools in Japan that accept AP.

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