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EGCIS’s College Admissions Consulting

In recent years, acceptance rates of Universities around the world have been declining with an increase in competition among applicants. To combat this trend, we believe it is important to begin preparation from an early stage. We understand that many of you—both students and parents—will find college admissions to be a very stressful endeavor. That’s why at EGCIS we offer admissions consulting from a team of tutors who have graduated from international schools and have successfully gone on to University to ensure your journey to college is as stress-free as possible.

・University Planning

Every high school student at some point will wonder which university they wish to attend. EGCIS’s tutors will help students to decide which university is best suited for them based on their SAT, GPA, IB Predicted, A-Levels, TOEFL, etc. Early preparation is key, which is why our tutors will work with students to help them apply to the most suitable universities that will bring them closer to their goals.

・College Application Support

The college application process is filled with many steps and requirements that have to be meticulously planned and accounted for. In addition to the essay, you will need to prepare a complete set of documents such as school transcripts, letters of recommendation, and history of extracurricular activities. When considering that all of this has to be completed on top of students’ demanding schoolwork and extracurriculars, preparing the college application can be especially tedious. This is why our expert tutors, who are knowledged in various application systems such as the Common App, Coalition, UCAS, and other university-specific admissions processes, will aid in planning and completing all of these steps well in advance so that college applications will be a breeze.

・College Essay Support

Essays are very important to college admissions, but they can also be the most challenging. Almost all universities will require one essay, with some universities requiring two or more school-specific essays that can be stressful to complete. “Which prompt should I pick? How should I start my essay? Is my grammar correct?” These are all concerns that EGCIS tutors will aid you with to make sure you can present your best self to your dream universities.

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